Spanish citizenship sephardic

Are you eligible for spanish citizenship sephardic ?

On June 11th 2015, the Spanish government revealed that they would be offering spanish citizenship sephardic to people of Sephardic origin, providing they can prove their connection with Spain. Whether you practice Judaism or not, we can help you obtain your Sephardic Spanish Citizenship now.

It is worth noting, that the Spanish government have allowed 3 years from the starting date in order to process your application for spanish citizenship sephardic , so therefore getting it done as soon as possible is of the utmost importance. Martin & Perez will assist you with preparing documentation, and will guide you through your search in order to get the evidence to prove your Sephardic status.

Help to prove your Sephardic Status

When you are trying to prove your Sephardic status, it may mean a lot of investigating and can often lead to hours of work. We will contact the Spanish institution for Jewish communities on your behalf, in order to obtain your certification.

Connecting you with your past

If you are applying for the Spanish citizenship sephardic, you may have an emotional and historical link to Spain, therefore you have the right to obtain what was part your history, which in this case is Spanish citizenship. You are a part of the Sephardic community with years of emotional, cultural ties to Spain. The Spanish government is therefore offering people of Sephardic origin an opportunity to reclaim their past and become a full citizen of Spain. Martin & Perez will assist you throughout this process, and help you obtain your Spanish citizenship sephardic.

Become a member of the European Union

Martin & Perez will assist you with all documentation and investigatory procedures in order to obtain your spanish citizenship sephardic . When we have helped to prove your eligibility, you will then have access to the benefits of spanish citizenship sephardic and status in the European Union. Therefore, you will have unlimited travel around the Schengen areas.

Why choose Martin & Perez for obtain your spanish citizenship sephardic?

Martin & Perez offers many benefits to all customers who are looking to obtain spanish citizenship sephardic. Our lawyers have unprecedented experience, with many successful applications, proving our capability in this competitive market. We are proud to have a highly skilled, dedicated English speaking team with a vast knowledge of Spanish law and spanish citizenship sephardic, in fact being only one of a handful of law firms to offer this service. We also offer competitive prices and a hands on approach making sure we deliver quick and efficient results.

Martin & Perez lawyers are also aware the language barrier may be a problem, which can often lead to misunderstandings. Our English speaking team will always make sure everything is straightforward and comprehensible.

Spending years and solving numerous cases, we have gained the respect, trust and confidence of our clients. Whether you are looking to work, study or live be sure that we have will always obtain your spanish citizenship sephardic for you.


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