EU Certificate

Citizens of other EU countries who wish to reside in Spain have much more favorable regulations that those of other countries (that are not part of the European Union).

EU citizens who wish to come and reside in Spain for a period of time between 3 month and one year will need to apply for temporary residence, but an EU citizen who wants to reside in Spain for more than a year will need to apply for a residence card, which is valid for 5 years.

EU citizens also have the right to reunite certain members of their families who are not nationals of member nations of the European Union. These family member are:

  • A Spouse: As long as the two spouses are not legally separated.
  • Descendants of a EU citizen and his or her spouse, as long as they are not legally separated, who are under 21 years of age, or who are above that age but are his or her dependents.
  • Ancestors of a EU citizen or of his or her spouse, as long as they are not legally separated, who are financially dependent on him or her, with the exception of ancestors of students or their spouses, who do not have the right to residence.

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