Amicable Child Custody Solutions

The best solution for both children and parents is to reach an agreement on any child custody issues arising from divorce or separation. This is, however, not always possible at such emotionally charged time.

Whenever possible, Family Law Solicitors at Martin & Perez work to reach amicable solutions through negotiation and to avoid conflict to the extent possible.

As a last resort, it may be necessary for both parties to go to Court. In such case, our expert Child Custody Solicitors will give you the best legal advice on child custody in Spain and support you throughout the whole process. We will make sure we get the best solution for you and the children.

Why choose Martin & Perez for your child custody in Spain ?

Martin & Perez offers many benefits to all customers who need help with their child custody in Spain , including over 20 years of experience, a dedicated English speaking team with a wealth of knowledge in law, competitive prices and a hands on approach making sure we always deliver results.

Martin & Perez have spent years, and solved numerous cases gaining the respect and trust of our clients. Martin & Perez will always help with your child custody in Spain .

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